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    Stories leap from page to stage to screen, almost with their own desire to be expressed, shared, enjoyed, and discussed. Filmmaking is a way of life. Sometimes, I am drawn to stories or sometimes they are drawn to me. Shreela & Kash films began just like that with the suspense feature: “Rock Paper Dice Enter”  based on his story, “Once Upon A Lama.” We then collaborated on a collection of short stories, “The Village Diaries: Stories of a Dog Walker.” Currently,  we started a screenplay we’re calling “Fundüzi.” It’s a fun family detective story that straddles time and space. In 2015, a philosophical lecture series provided some momentum for our documentary “Where the Spirits Meet.”

    While reflecting on time, space and history, I discovered our provincial archive, namely the Private records collection and the noticeable absence of records tied to my heritage Being a storyteller and documentarian belonging to an ethnic subset of a population (doesn’t matter where), I found an opportunity to start a conversation about what it means to preserve our collective life story in a public institution.


It starts with a story...

In Theatres

Rock Paper Dice Enter

Current Projects

  1. -Fundüzi

  2. -Where Spirits Meet

  3. -South Asian Documentation

In Progress

  1. -Rock Paper Mirror Control

  2. -Sunil’s Rajasthan Kitchen #3

  3. -Bengali Bungalow